Northern Lights is a mixed media dyptich measuring 8x20 inches (each canvas is 8x10). There are layers of materials, texture and meaning, along with some fun shimmering paint.

This piece was created in response to an art club challenge "Your Gift is a Gift." When I started thinking about gifts my mind spiraled—so many ways to consider this, and how to depict it... The most memorable gift I ever got was a little tabby kitten. Then, as I was developing images in my mind, the Christmas Star was a announced--I couldn’t help but think of the the gift the original Christmas Star announced!


Some gifts are tangible, able to be held and admired for years. Others can only grasped in the moment, while still others will last for all eternity. Light, hope, joy, peace, beauty...what gifts do you hold dear? What gifts do you reveal to others and leave in your wake?

Northern Lights