This past month my path has literally been littered with butterflies and magical moments. As trite as it may sound my inspiration is in nature—there is always something new to discover, always something in the process of transformation! Potential, transformation and color are other sources of inspiration. How often do I miss the magic because I’m hurrying to the next thing or running through my to do list, etc.


As I looked for sources for this painting I realized I didn’t need to search, I just needed to slow down and soak it in. I don’t need to desperately grab or collect ideas, God will provide what I need and even more than I could hope for!


That's what this painting is about, pausing to soak in those magical moments. It is a tripdich, meaning that it is painted on 3 seperate wood pannels measuring 16 (tall) x 8 (across) x 1 1/2 (thick) inches each. There are multiple layers of paint with images hiding. There are thick layers of paint on flowers and butterflies to help draw you into the scene. May it encourage you to experience the magic around you. Small moments matter.


The edges of these pannels have been left blank for personalization according to the collector's desire. They could be painted black or a corredinating color to the painting to help frame the images. Or they could be covered in writing (ie. with a paint pen or collaged papers) to add a personal message to the "frame."

Soaking It In